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Chinese medicine Huatanzhike eight diet recipe

Chinese medicine Huatanzhike eight diet recipe

View:1 Date:2016-08-10

1, the amount of corn peel. Total water decoction, 2 times a day; cough and phlegm, cure cold cough and phlegm.

2 fresh pears, peeled, cut open to nuclear, joined the amount of crystal sugar, soft Geshui Zheng pot add food.

3 peanuts, ginkgo, lily, North Adenophora each 25 grams of crystal sugar. Decoction, add sugar, 1 dose daily; lungs and phlegm, sputum, shortness of breath and throat haruhisa.

4 tofu 500 grams, brown sugar, white sugar, 100 grams each. The tofu dig a nest, into the red, the sugar into the bowl, boiled for 30 minutes; once finished, even served four times; heat, Sheng Jin, Runzao, cure cough asthma.

5 Polygonatum (Chinese herbal medicine) 30 grams, 50 grams of crystal sugar. Will Polygonatum washed, with cold water foamed, set sand pot, add rock sugar, add appropriate amount of water, will buy pot on the stove, to Wuhuo boil, simmer slow fire boil, until the Polygonatum overripe, 2 times a day. Eat Polygonatum drink Tomko lung, spleen, nourishing essence, a cough rule Feizao lung deficiency, dry cough without phlegm, spit slightly negative, eat less dry mouth, deficiency of the kidney essence deficiency.

6 radish 1 pig lung 1, 15 grams of almonds. Total water for 1 hours, meat soup; phlegm, cough and asthma, cough phlegm, shortness of breath for more than.

7   material: white radish 5 pieces, 3 pieces of ginger, jujube 3, 30 grams of honey.

Direction: the preparation method of radish, ginger, jujube amount of boiling water for about 30 minutes, to slag, add honey, boil and then. Warm clothing. 2 to 1 times a day.

Indications: radish spicy, sweet, cool, there is heat fluid, cooling blood to stop bleeding, Huatanzhike effect etc.. Its alcohol extract has a strong antibacterial effect on Gram positive bacteria. Ginger is a commonly used drug antiemetic, spread the cold gas, and stomach nourishing and jujube for drug use and. Honey moistening cough, this drink can play to the role of lung Hanxuan, qufengzhike.

Treatment of cold cough, cold cough is appropriate to.

    Note: the weak repeated colds cough, persistent or repeated in the baby, can try. But the wind heat cough, sputum yellow      fever,     should not be used.

8   ingredients: water chestnut (horseshoe) 30 grams, 1 grams of lily, Sydney L, crystal sugar.

Preparation method of dosage: will wash the water chestnuts, peeled and smashed, Sydney wash peel chopped to nuclear, wash the lily, the three mixed water decoction and amount of rock sugar cook until Shulan thick soup. Warm food. Efficacy and treatment: water chestnut, sweet, slightly cold, heat Sheng Jin, cooling blood detoxification, resolve phlegm and other effects, starch, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C and water chestnuts and composition containing that puchiin on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa have inhibitory effect; pear can heat Sheng Jin, Runzao phlegm; Lily lungs and cough. The combination of the three is Ziyin Runzao, Huatanzhike effect.